Urban flow pattern mining based on multi-source heterogeneous data fusion and knowledge graph embedding


Urban flow analysis is an essential research for smart city construction, in which urban flow pattern analysis focuses on the continuous state of urban flow. How to mine, store and reuse traffic patterns from urban multi-source heterogeneous big data is challenging. Therefore, this paper proposes a knowledge mining network for regional flow pattern to mine and store the urban flow pattern. The proposed model consists of two modules. In the first module, the features of the region and its flow pattern are extracted as the entity and relation, respectively. In the second module, POI features are modeled to enhance the embedding representation of relation and entity. Based on the translation distance method, the knowledge triplets of regional flow patterns are mined. Finally, the proposed model is compared with some benchmark methods using Chengdu Didi order and POI datasets. Experimental results show that the proposed model is effective. In addition, the knowledge triplets are visualized and some application examples are introduced.

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2021