GeoMAN: Multi-level Attention Networks for Geo-sensory Time Series Prediction


Numerous sensors have been deployed in different geospatial locations to continuously and cooperatively monitor the surrounding environment, such as the air quality. These sensors generate multiple geo-sensory time series, with spatial correlations between their readings. Forecasting geo-sensory time series is of great importance yet very challenging as it is affected by many complex factors, i.e., dynamic spatio-temporal correlations and external factors. In this paper, we predict the readings of a geo-sensor over several future hours by using a multi-level attention-based recurrent neural network that considers multiple sensors’ readings, meteorological data, and spatial data. More specifically, our model consists of two major parts: 1) a multi-level attention mechanism to model the dynamic spatio-temporal dependencies. 2) a general fusion module to incorporate the external factors from different domains. Experiments on two types of real-world datasets, viz., air quality data and water quality data, demonstrate that our method outperforms nine baseline methods.

In Proceedings of The 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence